24 July 2011

First Reaction: Norway Attacks

I have been keeping up to date with the news from Oslo and Utoya, as I am sure you have. Ninety-two dead. (So far.) That is at once incredible and horrific. While I know little about European politics, and don't have much in terms of opinion (a Swiss friend and intellectual mentor will surely advise me to zip it unless I know it), I nonetheless shake my head at what I must say is a classic case of conservative backlash. Well, it is far more than that, really. It is right-wing extremism at its bloodiest, and I am not surprised that the man who is connected to the attacks—a Mr. Anders Behring Breivik—is, reportedly, a fierce Christian and anti-Muslim political conservative (who plays war-related video games).

Ah, if I were him I'd have felt lucky, what with such a liberal government. (Cough, cough!) His resorting to terrorism proves that the world is still plagued by people who love their religion far more than they love peace.

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